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USA, Here We Come!

USA, Here We Come!


We have been busy connecting with wine professionals, key influencers and wine enthusiasts around the US. So far, we have reached more than 4 million people and we aren’t stopping there.


We have been having fun sharing our wines, food pairing ideas and creative cocktail recipes with media, wine professionals, and social media influencers through several virtual experiences.


. In October, we launched a campaign on SevenFifty.com to showcase the Sweet Bordeaux wines to retail and restaurant buyers to ensure Sweet Bordeaux is top-of-mind during the peak buying season for the holidays.


Sweet Bordeaux wines have also been featured on Somm360’s global platform to teach sommeliers about our AOCs and wines through interactive content and challenging quizzes.


Several videos have also been produced to present our AOCs, Chateaux and the people behind them.


Watch them here.




We are in the château's barrel cellar Lamont group’ wine property.It dates from the 14th century Château Branda is located twenty kilometers from Bordeaux, in the commune of Cadillac-en- Fronsadais and it has pretty south-facing slopes and vineyards close to the Dordogne. When I arrived in 2012, I discovered a parcel of Sauvignon Blanc Which seems to me to be conducive to the production of quality sweet wine. In 2018 we reached the milestone and decided to create a special vintage in the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation. This cuvée develops intensive tropical fruit aromas, and it is the pride of our entire group




Château Dauphine Rondillon is a viticultural entity located in the south-east of Bordeaux, in the Loupiac Aoc Well, you have the character of Loupiac plateau, which is a magnificent terroir of grave clay on a limestone source rock. For more than 220 years, our family has producing dry white and Liquoreux. And from 1920s, under the dynamic impetus of my grandfather, we started to bottling our loupiac. My brother and I have been managing this wine entity for more than 20 years Firstly, We sought to apply ourselves to protect the production tool in order to protect the vines which are today environmentally certified. Speaking our second desire was to get closer to our markets to understand the style of Loupiac that we have to make whether they are French, Americans, Chinese, Japanese. To describe our wine I use two words aromatic intensity and acidity which are both contributed by this magnificent noble grape variety - sauvignon blanc




Hello I am Caroline Perromat I am the proprietor of Château de Cérons with Xavier, my husband who has been part of a winegrowers family for 9 generations in the region. We took over the management of this Château de Cérons property together 8 years ago we do put all our energy into it, in the vineyards and in the cellar. During opening days of cellar door therefore, it is a property that is very active which nevertheless produces extremely traditional wines. We are really in the heart of the Bordeaux region and in the cradle of Bordeaux wines here. The property covers 30 hectares with a very specific terroir which is consist of 80 centimeters gravel and sand above on a huge patches of marine fossils. They are the DNA of this little appellation which gives minerality, which gives fruitiness, which gives flexibility also the precision and freshness




It has been six years since I joined the estate, start work with my parents. My mother takes care of the administration, my father takes care of the production and I am the "Swiss army knife" of the company, to know I am in the commercial, the vineyard, and the cellar. I am therefore the sixth generation to take over the domain. For us, this question of generation is very important. The first generation bought the estate and made it grow. My father brought a lot of techniques of producing method of our wines. And for my part I am more to anchor our field in an ecological approach, particular these recognized certifications. We are very lucky here at the château de Loupiac. The magnificent hillsides perfectly capture the sunshine and humidity, which facilitates the development of botrytis. It allows us to make fresh, fruity and tangy wine That are easy to drink anytime throughout the year.




Château du Cros in Loupiac is my first love, it is the place of my youth where I trudged through the vines and climbed on the walls of the old Château.I worked in the 1907 parcel to collect the fabulous botrytised raisins for an extraordinary cuvée. The most remarkable tasting I had the first time, was a 1945 Château du Cros which I tasted one Christmas. Start from that moment, I understood. I understood, that my life was at the Château du Cros in Loupiac which I had to come back to. That me too, I run this estate after my great grandfather, my grandfather, my father. I make modern wines, citrus wines, fresh wines Wines to drink every day. I work with a team,that helps me bring this estate forward to modernity. Towards young people, I love this wine, I love this terroir, I love château du cros. It is my passion




My name is Charles Medeville, I am 27 years old.I represent the eighth generation of winegrowers in the Jean Medeville & fils vineyards.This is a family-owned property directed by my dad Jean and my uncle Marc, who both passed on to me their passionate enthusiasm. My family has been in Cadillac ever since 1826, when my ancestor bought Château Fayau and its 16 hectare of vines. Over the generations, the estate today has reached around 200 hectare, spread over the whole of southern Gironde. We are very connected with our original terroirs, which are the Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux and the Cadillac sweet golden wine. Our best vineyard plots are also located in these appellations on the slopes bordering the Garonne. These wines, the liquoreux are really the DNA of our property. They are the common thread that binds our generations together. Personally, what please me about this job, is the permanent alliance between modernity on the one hand and ancestral know-how on the other. For the preparation of our liquoreux wines, we mainly use three grape varieties: Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle. Depending on the vintages we will have different expressions, especially citrus, tropical fruit or even candied fruit aromas.




Château Haut Rian has 80 hectares vineyard.Nestled in the heart of the Cadillac Appellation,where my parents settled almost 30 years ago now. In 2017, I joined the domain in order to take it over. And it turns out that a neighbor proposed that we take over her vines that converted to organic viticulture 10 years earlier. Not only the organic vines interested me a lot but it is also located on one of the most beautiful terroir of Rions called Haut Coulous. Haut Coulous is a great gravel hillside, planted by old Semillon in the 60s when Massale selection are installed. Well, with all the conditions given by Coulous vines, we absolutely want a golden Cadillac wine. And it is also a reflection of the beautiful terroir that we have up on the hillside.




Les vignobles Ducourt is a family adventure that started in 1858 in this little corner of paradise at the heart of theEntre-Deux-Mers.Today we manage the vineyard with my brother and my cousin. We are part of the sixth generation. A property that is particularly hold on to our hearts. It is Château la Hague, A property bought by our grandparents in 1954. It is also the only property, that is dedicated to the production of sweet white wine. We are on a pretty clayey silt and are privileged bu the autumn mists, that helps us to preserve all the aromatic expression and freshness of the grapes, therefore to produce a sweet white wine with a beautiful intensity that is remarkably fresh on the palate.




Hello, welcome to Château la Rame.You are on a property which dating from The Revolution. We have been a family winegrowers for several generations. I work with my wife Angelic, my son Augustin and my father-in-law Yves. On the Sainte-Croix-du-Mont appellation,We attach great importance to the notion of terroir. You are here above clay-limestone slopes. Characterized by bands of fossil oysters dating from the Tertiary era. We also attach great importance to tradition as we always harvest manually each vintage is a challenge. Our wines have a style and its unique signature express the encounter with a terroir, a familly,a shared passion .To describe them it's very simple : You would find aromas of candied fruit,an explosion of yellow citrus fruits. These are wines which are on the freshness and it make the wines stay tuned with the times




Chateau Laurette is a property located 45 km south-east of Bordeaux.It is on the argilos limestone slopes of the Sainte-Croix-Du-Mont appellation. It is one of the oldest properties of the appellation. Since 2012 it has been bought by a Chinese group Vignobles Lamont.I have been the technical director for eight years My mission in the field is to select the best botrytised grapes. With my team we established successive pickings in order to develop the best possible wine. The wine of Château Laurette is a blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc which gives it aromatic complexity, a beautiful yellow color, tropical fruits aromas, and a good length in the mouth.




We are a family estate founded by my grandfather in 1962.My uncle Philippe and my father Eric joined the company in 1986 with a strong wish for development. They took over the reins of the company. Since then we have bought a lot of properties around us in Langoiran. The third generation of which I belong has the same wish for development by trying to find the best terroirs. We all work together to keep the company on course towards excellence. We produce a range of sweet white wine Bordeaux blanc moelleux, Premières côtes de Bordeaux moelleux and Cadillac Liquoreux. These three wines are distinguished by the aromatic complexity that comes from their terroir.